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Thanks, NYT!

Thanks to Jina Moore & The New York Times for the shoutout in this week's edition of "What We're Reading."
               From Pacific Standard: It’s fairly well known that sexual violence is a common feature of  the continuing war in South Sudan, but the journalist Cassandra Vinograd found something surprising when she was reporting in Bentiu, one of the most conflict-affected places in the country. Rape is now so common there that the stigma around it is, slowly, starting to change. It’s not uncommon for women to be thrown out of their homes after being “spoiled,” but the husband of a woman called Cecilia understood how war had changed their world. He told her: “Take heart — this is the situation of war. It is good they have not killed you.” — Jina Moore, East Africa bureau chief http://nyti.ms/2CNo00M

Cassandra Vinograd